Thursday, September 8, 2011

Glue Bottles and Glue Battles

We glued with the TTh class today.  Gluing for the first time is always a lot of fun. Really, it is!  We talk with the children about dots, squiggles and globs.  Dots and squiggles are good.  Globs are bad and do not try for days!  Our project today was gluing colored paper on a piece of cardboard.  It was as much about learning to glue as it was a color project. 

Are you a Sunday school teacher, Scout leader or just tired of stopped up glue lids?  For years,  glue bottles have been a battle during craft time.  Cleaning, washing, poking, closing the lid,  leaving the lid open...We would have all the lids washed, cleaned and replaced and STILL bottles would not work.  It was frustrating for us and the children.  Finally, last year I bought some condiment bottles at the local super store and problem solved.  We couldn't believe it.  We fill the bottle about one third full and we are all happy crafters!

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