Friday, February 1, 2013

Find the Fun in February

Groundhog Day, Abraham Lincoln's birthday, Valentine's Day, George Washington's birthday and Mardi Gras are the holidays you know and recognize.  There is a lot more going in February.  Check it out and create some fun filled memories with your child.

Bottle Cap Day is February 2nd
February 2---Bottle Cap Day.  Need ideas or inspiration? and

February 3---Elmo's birthday and National Carrot Day

February 7---Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 10---Chinese New Year

February 11---White T-shirt Day

February 15---National Gumdrop Day.  Get a bag of gumdrops and sort, make patterns and count!  Yummy!

February 25---Quiet Day

February 27---Polar Bear Day.  Make a polar bear and find out how polar animals keep warm with this easy experiment

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