Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Crayon Box

We received this postcard in the fall when we began our trip around the world and I love it.  The children in our MWF classes have had a lot fun learning about our world.  We 'traveled' through America, Canada, China, Norway, Australia, Ireland, England and Mexico.  We learned children all over the world speak different languages, eat different foods and have different customs.  We also learned that children all over the world are the same---they live with their mommy and daddy, go to school, eat meals, play with toys, have friends and much more.

Thank you so much for sending us cards, letters and packages!  We have postcards from six continents and 28 countries.  We received 89 postcards, 4 letters and a letter from the White House. We tasted delicious chocolate and candy from overseas.  YUM-O!

I am  looking forward to continuing with this unit next year and especially excited because 2014 is the Winter Olympics which is always a fun unit in our classroom! 

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