Monday, September 11, 2017

A-Apples and America

This week our MWF classes begin their world travels!  Throughout the school year, we will:
  • learn the name of our planet, our country, our state and our town. 
  • identify the US flag.
  • learn the difference between a map and a globe.
  • use large maps to find our country and the countries we 'visit'.
  • locate oceans on the map.
  • introduce the concept of the equator, North Pole and South Pole.
  • learn that there are children all over the world going to school, playing with toys, getting ready for bed and more.
  • learn that our world has many languages and accents (Mrs. Q is very bad at accents so it's pretty funny).
  • create lots of world crafts.
On Friday, we made a house.  Our school crafts help our students become really good listeners.  We also talk about colors, shapes and positional words (top, bottom, inside, etc.)  This project is purposely simple.  A roof, a door and two windows!  Lots of smiles!  Lots of success!  


It's going to be a fun Letter A week with America and apples!

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