Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It's 100 Wednesday!

We started this activity a couple years ago. Our MWF students are counting by tens and up to one hundred. We ended up calling it 'One Hundred Wednesday'. Every Wednesday the children have an opportunity to work in a small group during center time.   We started with stickers and are going to start working with other classroom materials.
We are introducing and practicing not only counting to one hundred but counting by tens.  We are also having the children write the numbers. Occasionally there will be activities on our Science/Math table for children to count out items and take home. 
Want to do more at home?  Easy breezy!  You can use stickers or office dots (cheap!), buttons, beads, pretzels, Cheerios or other cereals, LEGOS, pennies and more.  You might have one hundred Hot Wheels (I'm pretty we did) or one hundred Shopkins pieces.  You and your child are only limited by your imagination.  Start your own 100 Wednesday with your child today!

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