Friday, September 11, 2020

MCP Homeschool Ideas---Our Centers

Are you homeschooling your preschooler?  Preschool is all about play.  Preschools are arranged in a wide variety of centers.  Our MCP students move freely from art to building to the library and then back to art if they desire.  It's a good size room with lots of kids. Your living space may already have centers or areas for your child's play.  Keep it simple.  If you search ideas for preschool homeschool space you'll get nine million results.  Your child is not interested in a 'pin worthy' space or something that qualifies for an HGTV series.  Your child needs space---not a lot but space to be creative and play. 
The MCP classroom is a calm and relaxed space.  We avoid the 'crayon flu' on the walls where classroom space is saturated with bright colors and lots of charts on the walls. A room that looks likes a box of sick crayons walked in and got sick all over the walls. Too busy.  Too distracting.  Would you want to work or live in such an environment?  

Remember it doesn't have to be fancy.  It has to be fun.  If you have the time, energy and space, you can change it up so your child remains engaged and interested in what you have planned.  It's new for you. It's new for them.

MCP Centers---

Art---is always best in the kitchen or outdoors.  Crayons, markers, paper, glue and scissors.  Create a collage box.  Random stuff for gluing.  Save cracker and cereal boxes for a sturdy glue surface.  

Stop fighting the flow of the glue bottle---

Writing---an old coffee table, pens, pencils, paper, envelopes (save from your junk mail), recycle greeting cards.  Remember scribbles are writing!  

Home Library--If you have the time, energy and space try not to place ALL of your child's books in their reading corner.  We rotate books seasonally, with the holidays and when we can see the kiddos are tired of the library.  

We put books everywhere.  Kids are hard on books when they are incorporated into their play. This might not work for you and your child because the books do get a little more wear and tear when they are in a center.  More info---

Grab a bed sheet and cover the kitchen table and place a basket of books underneath for a fun space.  Family room?  Is there space for a card table with a sheet?  (cover three sides and leave one open so you can see your child inside)

I love our building center!  
Building---Why are blocks important?
If you have the time, space and energy switch it up.  Put the blocks away and have LEGOS, a train set or other building materials.  

Messy Tub---it's not for everyone because it's messy!  We use rice, sand and black beans but crinkle paper used in gift bags and baskets is fun and easy clean up!  Look under the 'Sensory' label for more ideas.

Dramatic Play---does more than you think for your child's development.  

Keep it simple. Our castle, fire truck, rocket ship and pizza oven are large cardboard boxes.  Nothing fancy plus they fold flat and are easy to store in our attic space.  For more ideas check under our 'Dramatic Play' label.  

We hope this helps you and your child with your homeschool preschool.  

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