Friday, April 30, 2021

The Art of Collage


When MCP students are in the classroom there are wide variety of materials in our art center including the collage box.  The collage box is a wonderful assortment of odds and ends thrown into a plastic tub.  The children search, dig and glue their pieces and create the most amazing works of art.  Creative juices and glue is fun to watch. 

There is no  rhyme or reason to what is in the tub-whatever we pull from our main storage closet.  The child will often ask if we have pipe cleaners, more googly eyes or ribbon and we happily grant their request if we are able. 

Creating a collage box for your child at home is easy.  Get a box with a lid (a shoe box-you don't need a store bought box).  Gather items-buttons, old beads, fun foam, pom poms, puzzle pieces, old playing cards, googly eyes, ribbon, paper scraps. The children glue on cardboard or tag board which is sturdier instead of paper.  Save cereal and cracker box for gluing.