Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Impenetrable Cereal Box Fort version 5.0

Cereal Box Fort Version 5.0

Cereal Box Fort Version 5. 0
I promised the children the world's largest cereal box fort and I think we delivered!  There are 330 cereal boxes glued together to create two rooms that includes a window.  This is the second year the library and writing center are inside the fort.  The difference?  There is a wall separating the two centers with a window between the two rooms.  We have two doors which is a first.  I was so excited about the completed fort I forgot to measure....let's just say from a preschooler's point of view that it is BIG!

Looking into the Library

Looking into the Writing center

Today our MWF classes looked at the cereal boxes to compare and contrast them.  How are the boxes the same?  They all had cereal, are made of cardboard, are rectangles, are empty, have numbers, colors and letters.  How are the boxes different?  They had different cereal, colors, some have people on the box, some have animals, some boxes are big/little, some have BoxTops (yes, they noticed which I thought was hilarious) and some have BoxTops cut out.  See if your child can tell you how the boxes are the same and different! 

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