Monday, February 8, 2021

Dog-gone it! We Miss You!

We have missed seeing our preschoolers.  We miss their love, smiles and energy.  We miss their excitement about the holidays.  Valentine's Day carries it's special message of loving others.  The children are always extremely excited to deliver their Valentine's Day cards to their friends.

We also create a card for students to take home.  It just takes a lot of heart.
I love this one because I love elephants!  Our kiddos might not be in the classroom but they are never forgotten!

This might have been the first card we created with the kiddos.

Mamas always love anything made by their little monkeys.

Life is never purr-fect but this week we can create some cards for those we love.

If we can just 'paws' for a minute and say we miss our little friends and we hope to see you soon.  Much love from the MCP staff! 

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