Friday, February 5, 2021

The History of the MCP Cereal Box Fort

There are many fun things unique to the MCP program.  Our annual Cereal Box Fort is one.  An idea I saw in a magazine has become a much loved tradition at MCP.  We'll have to skip construction in 2021 but the fort will be back in 2022.  
We've built twelve forts.  All different.  All stand up with lots of hot glue and duct tape.  Really. There is a loose plan but really we wing it as we build.
We begin asking families to bring in boxes late in the fall.  Boxes are flattened and stored until the build.  This means we have to glue and tape the boxes back into shape.  Construction starts in mid-January and it takes about a week.  It is great fun to watch the kiddos faces as they come into the classroom as the wall get closer and closer to the ceiling.  

The library and writing center are always in the fort because these are smaller and quieter center time activities.  

The fort is up for about three weeks and families are invited into the classroom at our annual evening pajama party.  Then it's demo day.  We must admit it fun tearing down the walls (more on how recycle the boxes into classroom activities tomorrow). 

We have taken and posted photos with the exception of the first fort in 2009.  The forts started out fairly small and have grown over the years.
We need an average of 285 cereal boxes to build the fort.  Over twelve years we have used 3418 cereal boxes.  We hope it has made some really lasting memories for our preschoolers. 

2020-CBF 12

281 boxes -12' x 5' 5"- 1 door

2019-CBF 11

234 boxes - 12' 7" x 4' 7" - 1 door  and 5 windows

2018-CBF 10  

We used the most boxes this year-373 but it was not the biggest fort.
373 boxes - 12' 10" x 6' 4" - 2 doors and 5 windows

2017-CBF 9

This was our biggest fort to date.  We put on addition and eventually reached the ceiling and connected the two.  

334 boxes - 17' 6" x 5' -  2 doors and 3 windows
2016-CBF 8

This fort had the most windows.
293 boxes - 15' 4" x 5' - 2 doors and 7 windows

2015-CBF 7

257 boxes - 12' x 5' - 2 doors (I forgot windows this year)

2014-CBF 6

299 boxes - 14' 5" x 5' - 2 doors and 3 windows

2013-CBF 5

330 boxes - I forgot to measure the fort this year - 2 doors

2010-CBF 2

270 boxes - 6' 10" - 1 door

2009-CBF 1
No stats

We hope the MCP Cereal Box Fort has made some memories for you and your child. 

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