Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Absolutely Awesome Adventure!

This week our MWF preK classes started on An Absolutely Awesome Adventure!  We 'read' some words that started with 'A' and turned our letter A into an apple. On Monday, the children chopped apples and we made applesauce in the crock-pot.  Today we ate applesauce for snack and it was sweet, warm and delicious! 

We have also been talking a lot about America and where we live. The concept of planet, continent, country, state, town is difficult for preschoolers to grasp.  We are just introducing the idea...we will continue to talk about our country throughout the year as we 'travel' the world.  We have several maps and a globe in the room for the children to look at and explore.

We also have been learning about American symbols-the White House, the Liberty Bell, the Washington Monument and the Statue Liberty.

White House Tour---

Statue of Liberty virtual tour---

Facts about the Liberty Bell---

The Washington Monument---

That kept us pretty busy but we also created some patriotic art.  We provide sheets of tag board for the children and added red, white and blue stripes.  After they glued stripes, we added stars!  Patriotic, creative and each one is unique! 

Want to do more?  Do you have a globe or world map?  Get them out and let your child discover their world!

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