Saturday, September 15, 2012

Speech and Language---4 year old

Children ask a lot of questions. It is how they begin to make sense of the world around them.  The four year old asks a LOT of questions.  Young children can ask between 120-130 questions a day. The four year old is the gold medalist of questions averaging  400-450 questions per day.  No wonder you're exhausted! So what else can expect from your four year old?

At four...

*asks lots of questions but is more interested in how things relate to his/her own view than an explanation
*can identify basic shapes
*begins to understand 'early in the morning', 'next month' or 'next year'
*talks about imaginary conditions using words like 'suppose' or 'I hope'
*sentences length is about 4-5 words
*"Who" and "Why" are big questions
*starts to use more complex sentence structure
*begins to use contractions (can't, don't, etc.)
*should be using past tense correctly in sentences
*vocabulary is about 1500 hundred words
*using  m, n, ng, f, h, w, y, k, b, d, g, r  letter sounds  correctly

You can...
*have your child help plan family activities (holiday dinners, weekend plans, etc.)
*talk with your child like a normal person (time to stop the baby talk!)
*read longer stories
*let your child tell you stories (we do a lot of this at MCP.  The children dictate and I write.  Your child can continue with the story with you at home)
*speech and language is continuing to grow and develop so do not over correct or expect perfect speech patterns

If you have any questions or concerns, contact The Woodford County Special Education Association or the professionals in your area.

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