Friday, September 14, 2012

Speech and Language---3 year old

 I understand the speech development of preschoolers but I am not a speech pathologist. That being said there are many things parents and teachers can do to stimulate the speech and language of young children.  Please remember children develop at different rates and if you have any concerns about your child's development you should contact the Woodford County Special Education Association  (or the professionals in your area) for a screening.

At three...
*match primary colors and name colors
*knows night and day
*can understand 'yesterday', 'summer',  'lunch', 'tonight', etc.
*starts to understands phrases like 'put the box under your bed',  'go around the table', etc.
*talks to self  (a way of practicing speech and vocabulary)
*knows name and boy/girl.  May know last name, street and town where live
*sentences are 3-4 words
*vocabulary is about 1000 words
*"m, n, ng, p, f, h and w" sounds should be pretty consistent
*tends to repeat sounds, words or phrases (this is why we must be careful w/our words at this age!)
*sings songs
*can tell if you s/he is tired
*"What?" is a very common question

You can...
*extend conversations
*if your child has trouble with a word, use it frequently in your speech
*talk about words, objects and ideas
*compare and contrast things and talk about how things are the same and different
*have your child tell and retell stories using pictures and books
*begin to read longer stories
*pay close attention to your child when s/he is talking to you

Tomorrow...the four year old.

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